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Atlanta Fresh Greek Yogurt

April 1, 2010

The creamiest, coolest, freshest yogurt--made by Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery

The growing need to turn to locally made, organically-produced, fresh food has brought about all sorts of small businesses specializing in great new products.  At any Atlanta-area Whole Foods Market, you’ll find the most amazing yogurt you’re likely to tase.

Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery, a local dairy, is making the smoothest, freshest yogurt that makes Yoplait seem like watered-down, flavorless, white goo.  Cashing in on the FAGE Greek yogurt craze, they make their own in a variety of decadent flavors: peach and stem ginger, mixed berries, tawny port, and vanilla caramel. The whole milk vanilla caramel (that comes in the orange packaging) is a kind of cosmic experience…

Here’s more about the producers

But go to Whole Foods and try it yourself!