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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Pizza

August 18, 2012

Am I cheating if i bring up Eat, Pray, Love? It’s only the most obvious of all the gastronomy-obsessed movies that have come out in the past few years, except for Julie and Julia. I know I should be talking about a more obscure, less middle-brow movie, but I can’t help it. The pizza is too gorgeously filmed, too haunting. It’s your fantasy pizza. The pizzeria as we all remember is from a little hole-in-the wall in Naples (though not anymore, I think), called Pizzeria da Michele.  A place with white linoleum tables and ceiling fans (reminds me of different little restaurants in India). the cinematographer, Robert Richardson, does wonders. The mozzerella, the red of the sauce, the leaves of basil, shimmer across the screen to intoxicate you.

The chef and food writer, Ritu Dalmia, who’s an Indian based out of Delhi, has a series of shows and a book called “Italian Khanna” (Italian food in Hindi) where she goes all over Italy to examine a cross-cultural link between Italian food and Indian food.