Eating and Cooking in Your Apartment

Jack Lemmon as C.C. Baxter in Billy Wilder's The Apartment, making something cheap and easy--spaghetti--with his tennis racket

When you’re living in a confined space, and the kitchen is really small, it takes a lot of ingenuity to think up good meals. Even cooking something simple can be a chore because there’s hardly room to move. So what do you when you want to vary your apartment cuisine from Ramen and instant Mac n’ Cheese? This is where I find those scenes from Julie and Julia pretty entertaining and à propos:  Amy Adams trying to make lobster thermidor and consommé in her pokey kitchen (where sous chefs have a hard time making them in large restaurant kitchens!), and trying to get something bigger out of her life by transcending the confines of her occassionally tedious existence with wonderful food.

Also, the scene in The Apartment with Jack Lemmon improvising with a tennis racket, because he doesn’t have a strainer, is great. It really sort of captures city living.

As Thanksgiving approaches, The New Yorker puts out their annual food-themed issue.  This year they have the writer Judith Thurman, who has written the definitive biography on the writer Colette, making a tantalizing pistachio-encrusted turbot:

Last year, it was Jhumpa Lahiri’s father making pulao, a fragrant Indian pice dish:


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