Spanglish and “The World’s Greatest Sandwich”>

a very intimidatingly dense, rich, runny egg sandwich, made by Adam Sandler in Spanglish

The 2004 James L. Brooks movie Spanglish isn’t really a great movie. It’s not even a great romantic comedy. Adam Sandler seemed kind of awkward in a role that demanded a little more smoothness and grace in a leading man. The star of the movie was really Tea Leoni as a controlling L.A. socialite/mom, who took passive-aggression to new comic heights. The other star of the movie was the sandwich that Adam Sandler’s character (a successful chef and restauranteur) makes one night when he wants to enjoy a quiet meal alone.

The ingredients are some good, dense bread, mayo generously spread on both sides, lettuce, (some other stuff..?) and a meticulously runny egg.

I don’t know what it is about this sandwich that fascinates me, why it haunts my dreams, but I think it’s the egg. It’s a perfect example of slightly relaxed, seemingly sloppy, but methodically crafted food that’s really so good.


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